Title Submission to Date
 Exposure Draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee 20/12/12
The AGM and shareholder engagement CAMAC 19/12/12
Strengthening APRA’s Crisis Management Powers: consultation paper
Treasury   14/12/12
Fairer, simpler and more effective tax concessions for the not-for-profit sector: discussion paper  Treasury  14/12/12
Review of ASX Listing Rules Guidance Note 8 Continuous Disclosure: Listing Rules 3.1—3.1B ASX 30/11/12 
Effective disclosure in an operating and financial review: Consultation Paper 187  ASIC  23/11/12
Reducing red tape for not-for-profit entities through a referral of powers and/or harmonisation of reporting requirements  Letter to NSW Attorney-General (this letter was sent to all Attorneys-General in Australia)  9/11/12
Independent Review of the Australian Government’s Regulatory Impact Analysis Process  Department of Finance and Deregulation  9/11/12
Working Paper: Business deregulation Australian Institute of Company Directors 2/11/12
Exposure Draft — Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Further Measures) Bill 2012 Treasury 2/11/12
Associations Incorporation Regulations 2012 Regulatory Impact Statement Consumer Affairs Victoria 18/10/12
ASX BookBuild® ASX  15/10/12 
Personal Liability for Corporate Fault Reform Bill 2012 Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services   10/10/12
Directors’ pay: revised remuneration reporting regulations UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills  12/9/12
Australian Shareholders’ Association Corporate Governance and Proxy Voting Policies and Guidelines  ASA  10/9/12
Inquiry into the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Bill 2012 and an associated bill Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services and the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs 29/8/12
Modernising the timetable for rights issues: consultation paper  ASX 14/8/12
Inquiry into the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Exposure Draft Bills  House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics 20/7/12
Response to submissions and draft prudential standards for superannuation: discussion paper  APRA 16/7/12
Commonwealth Financial Accountability Review Discussion Paper — Is Less More? Towards Better Commonwealth Performance Department of Finance and Deregulation 29/6/12
Exposure Draft — Corporations Amendment Regulation 2012 (No ) Treasury 29/6/12
Exposure Draft — Personal Liability for Corporate Fault Bill 2012 (tranche 2)  Treasury 22/6/12
Exposure Draft — Superannuation Legislation Amendment (Further MySuper and Transparency Measures) Bill 2012 Treasury 16/5/12
Strengthening Australia's equity capital markets: ASX proposals and consultation ASX 11/5/12
Exposure draft: Restating and standardising the special conditions for tax concession entities (including the 'in Australia' conditions) Treasury 11/5/12
Companies’ non-compliance with PAYG withholding and superannuation guarantee obligations: Amendments to the director penalty regime  Treasury  2/5/12
Executive pay: shareholder voting rights consultation UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills 27/4/12
Council of Financial Regulators: Report and Recommendations concerning Review of Financial Market Infrastructure Regulation Treasury 27/4/12
The Commonwealth's approach to anti-corruption: discussion paper Attorney General's Department 20/4/12
Charitable fundraising regulation reform: discussion paper Treasury 4/4/12
Exposure Draft — Personal Liability for Corporate Fault Reform Bill 2012 Treasury 30/3/12
Public Sector Information in Australia Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 21/3/12
Regulatory Impact Assessment Review Department of Finance 20/3/12
Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission: Implementation Design  Treasury 27/2/12
ASX Listing Rules Review Issues Paper: Reserves and Resources Disclosure Rules for Mining and Oil & Gas Companies  ASX 31/1/12
Proposed Amendments to the Corporations Act: dividend payments  Treasury 30/1/12
Review of not-for-profit governance arrangements Treasury 25/1/12
Exposure Draft — Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Bill Treasury 25/1/12
Revised draft Corporations Amendment Regulations 2012 (No. ) Treasury 25/1/12
Exposure Draft: Corporations Amendment (Similar Names) Bill 2012 Treasury 23/1/12
Exposure Draft: Corporations Amendment (Phoenixing and Other Measures) Bill 2012 Treasury 23/1/12

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