Aon and Governance Institute Board and Executive Remuneration Survey 2022

Keep up with ongoing remuneration trends in 2022.

The survey is now closed.

We are pleased to be partnering with Aon to provide you with comprehensive information on the Australian pay market for non-executive directors and select executive roles.

The remuneration survey will explore Board and committee structures, workloads, director fees, and executive remuneration. The final report will provide useful data and market-based insights to help you make informed remuneration decisions across several topics, including:

  • Director fees and executive remuneration
  • Board and committee composition and demographics
  • Detailed insights on director remuneration practices
  • Incentive practices applicable to executive remuneration

Participate in the survey to receive a complimentary version of the full report. Governance Institute members can unlock a range of discounts from Aon.

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Pricing for full report

Survey participant Complimentary
Governance Institute member not participating in the survey $3,500 + GST
Non-Governance Institute member not participating in the survey (full price) $5,000 + GST
Discounts offered for survey subscription* (Governance Institute members only) Governance Institute members who participate in the Aon Governance Institute Annual Remuneration Survey will be able to subscribe to any of Aon's proprietary surveys at discounted rates. Discounts offered will include:
  • One survey purchase - 10% discount
  • More than one survey purchased - discount determined upon application.

*Governance Institute members already subscribing to an Aon survey will only be eligible for a 10% discount on the additional Aon survey(s) purchased. The discount will not apply to any existing Aon survey subscriptions.

Non-participating Governance Institute members will receive an abridged version of the report.

Please direct any questions about the survey to Mitt Park on +61 466 370 800 or

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This report can help organisations understand the benefits being offered for comparable skills across a range of industries and benchmark roles, qualifications, experience, and salaries against similar employers. By hiring talent from outside their own industry, organisations can build a more diverse workforce, which can boost creativity and innovation. With wage constraints affecting most sectors, now is the time to understand not only the quantum data but the appropriate pay mix required to attract talent from further afield and take steps to reduce the risk of employee churn.

The survey covers:

  • 1,180 organisations – view list
  • 212,379 employees
  • 539 roles

Order today – member discount available

Due to COVID-19, digital transformation, eCommerce, remote access, and data protection have become even higher high priorities for many organisations, creating a highly competitive employment market for people with skills such as cyber security, robotic process engineering, agile, scrum and more. Meanwhile, travel restrictions, limited access to overseas candidates and an uncertain economic environment have made it harder to entice qualified, high performing talent from a limited pool.

In this environment, how can employers make informed decisions about remuneration and ensure they are aligned with competitors and the industry at large?

Aon’s Corporate IT Remuneration Report provides the deepest known coverage of specialist technical roles in the market and includes a wide variety of organisations and industries. Offering granular data, the report covers diverse skillsets, from security and digital, through to DevOps and big data. Covering almost every major technology employer in Australia – as well as a host of non-technology organisations – this report is a must-have resource anyone who makes hiring and remuneration decisions.

The survey covers:

  • 136 organisations – view list
  • 8,723 employees
  • 189 roles

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With regulatory pressures and keen interest from shareholders, executive remuneration packages are under more pressure now than ever. As a result, executive remuneration has become a key focus area for organisations. Established in 2013 and released in May and November of each year, Aon’s Executive Remuneration Survey collects, analyses and publishes remuneration benchmarks for senior executives in large organisations, with an emphasis on top 100 ASX-listed companies and large, privately held organisations with total annual revenues of approximately $1 billion. The survey represents the largest known data set of its kind in the market.

Aon’s Executive Remuneration Report combines the annual report remuneration disclosures for CEO and KMP level executives with data contributed by organisations for senior executives up to two levels below KMPs. It offers information beyond that disclosed in annual reports and offers advanced data filtering options, so you can review the information that is most valuable to your organisation, by reporting level, seniority, market caps, revenue or headcount. There are numerous ways the data can be viewed to ensure you get the insights you need. The result? Confident, informed decision making.

  • 1,096 organisations – view list
  • 16,217 employees
  • 175 roles

Order today – member discount available

*Member discounts available.

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