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Recorded webcasts & webinars

Recorded NSW Governance and Risk Management Forum (17 May 2022)

Framing strategy, direction, performance and growth

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Recorded Webinar: Aligning cyber security with governance and risk management (May 12 2022)

Our Emerging Leaders series brings to you, leaders across governance and risk management to share their career experience, and the wisdom and insights they have gathered, to inform your own career journeys.

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Recorded webinar: ASX Issuer Services (March 24 2022)

ASX is seeking feedback from impacted issuers on the proposed changes, with written submissions in response to the discussion paper due by 14 April 2022, with the changes to come into effect on 1 July 2022. Representatives from ASX will provide you with an overview of the proposed new fee model and key milestones leading up to the effective date. This is also an opportunity to ask the team any questions.


  • Catherine Maxwell FGIA, General Manager, Policy & Advocacy, Governance Institute of Australia
  • Andrew Jones, General Manager, Issuer Services, Securities and Payments, ASX
  • Karen Webb, Senior Manager, Issuer Services, Securities and Payments, ASX

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Recorded briefing: Changes to privacy and cyber legislation - implications for organisations (22 March 2022)

As businesses continue to find creative ways to operate remotely, they’ve also exposed a larger attack surface to hackers seeking access to sensitive data. Moving into 2022, Australian businesses face the challenge of data privacy as ransomware and data theft become pervasive. And the regulatory environment protecting consumer privacy tightens here and abroad. Alongside the imperatives to protect data, is the expanding scope and scale of cyber-attacks. 

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Recorded: Operation Resilience (15 March 2022)

Are you prepared for what is coming?
David Tattam, Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht
Justin Eley, Product Manager, Protecht

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Recorded: Virtual Regional Governance Forum (February 2022)

Australia’s growth is anchored by the strength and productivity of its regions. Almost 9.45 million Australians live in the regions, driving 36 per cent of the national output. Half of the nation’s growth in the post-GFC rebound came from the regions. And now, as we head into another critical post crisis rebound, the regions are critical to the path forward.

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Webinar: Diversity is half the circle. Culture, equity and inclusion are the other half (January 2022)

In this session the panel considers:

  • Clarifying the difference between diversity and inclusion
  • Examining the cultural and business levers for inclusion
  • Confronting bias within formal and informal organisational settings for effective intervention
  • The leadership role in delivering a culture of inclusion
  • Measuring diversity and inclusion
  • Empowering diverse voices to drive new thinking, innovation, and growth.