Postgraduate exemption policy

1.0 Introduction

This policy applies to all students enrolled or intending to enroll in any of the postgraduate courses of Governance Institute of Australia who are seeking subject exemption (also known as advanced standing).

2.0 General

2.1 Subject exemptions are only granted on the basis of demonstrated equivalent prior study. The review process also takes into consideration volume of learning and assessment approaches.

2.2 Evidence of subject content, eg subject outlines, may be requested to confirm equivalence and comparability.

2.3 An applicant’s previous knowledge must be current in the context of the courses in order for subject exemptions to be approved. Evidence of currency of knowledge maybe requested. For example; evidence of current membership to CPA or ICAANZ or legal practising certificate, evidence of CPD activity or professional work experience.

2.4 Exemptions are processed concurrently with the enrolment into the course (see Postgraduate Course Admissions Policy).

3.0 Applying for exemptions

3.1 Review the pattern of exemptions (see Pattern of Exemptions guidelines) for postgraduate courses.

3.2 Complete the Postgraduate Courses application form.

  • Attached certified copies of supporting documentation (refer to the Postgraduate Courses application form for further details).
  • Official academic transcript and testamur.
  • Name change documentation (only applicable if the name on academic transcript and testamur is different to the applicant’s current name).
  • Subject outlines (where required), should include volume of learning course content and assessment approaches).
  • Evidence of currency of knowledge.
  • All documentation should be sent either by email or post to

National Education Manager
Governance Institute Australia
GPO Box 1594
Sydney NSW 2001

3.5 Documents that are not in English need to be officially translated and submitted with a certified copy of the supporting documentation. All documents must be stamped as having been translated by an official translator. Please refer to the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) website for details.

4.0 Application processing

4.1 Assessment time for applications can vary, however if all the required supporting documentation has been submitted, the decision of the exemption application should be available within two to three weeks. 

5.0 Decision appeal

5.1 Appeals on decisions regarding subject exemptions must be made in writing and submitted to the National Education Manager within 10 business days of being informed of the outcome to the application.

5.2 Appeals must include:

  • the basis for the appeal
  • a detailed comparison between the subject content of the previous study with the subject content of the subject for which exemption is sought. This should include volume of learning, assessment approaches and learning outcomes.
  • Specific work experiences that relate to the content of a subject to highlight evidence of currency
  • supporting documentation from institution for previous study.

5.3 The outcome of decisions made on appeal are final

Version Approved by   Date
4.0      National Director, Education & Training 24 February 2017

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