Presentation rules and procedures

1.0 Introduction

This document applies to all students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance, Graduate Certificate of Applied Risk Management, Graduate Diploma of Applied Risk Management & Corporate Governance courses or as a non-award student, regardless of their current status.

The purpose of this document is to provide:

  • standardised presentation guidelines for all subjects within the postgraduate courses.
  • information to students about their obligations when undertaking presentations for relevant subjects.

Students are required to successfully complete the Academic Integrity Quiz prior to the submission of their first presentation. The quiz only needs to be completed once for the duration of the currently enrolled postgraduate course.

2.0 Submission style

2.1 Students are required to complete a 10 minutes (maximum) recorded presentation as part of their assessment for each enrolled subject.

2.2 Your presentation must include a verification of your ID by showing your face against a photo ID at the start of the presentation.

2.3 The time limit for the presentation is 10 minutes. You are cautioned that your presentation will not be viewed/assessed beyond the stipulated time limit of 10 minutes.

2.4 Your presentation should be delivered as though to a professional/workplace audience. The use of visual aids, such as power point slides, is optional and should only be used to enhance your presentation.

2.5 Any device or platform can be used to record your presentation. Please refer to the Guide to Presenting video available in the Online Learning Centre.

3.0 Submission process

3.1 Presentation must be submitted online as a single file via the Online Learning Centre. Governance Institute will not accept presentations in any other format from students. Contact Governance Institute urgently if exceptional and/or extenuating circumstances prevent you from meeting this requirement.

3.2 Presentations must be saved using the document naming format which contains the semester, year, your first and last name, and subject code (eg: 0119_martin_martian_ACL) — refer to the presentation submission instructions available in the online learning centre.

3.3 The subject codes for all subjects are listed on the subject code table at the end of this document for your reference.

3.4 Presentations must be submitted by 11.59pm (EST/EDST) on the published presentation due date.

3.5 Presentations will not be accepted after the due date unless the student has been granted an extension by the Education Manager prior to the published assignment due date as stipulated in clause 6.0 below.

3.6 The complete instructions on submitting an online presentation is available on the Presentation Submission section in the Online Learning Centre.

3.7 Contact the Education Administrator should you encounter any difficulty in the presentation submission process.

4.0 Academic Integrity Check

4.1 Your presentation should be your own individual work, with supporting information appropriately referenced and permission gained for any copyright material(s) used.

5.0 Presentation grade

5.1 The presentation contributes 20 per cent of the overall mark for a subject.

5.2 There will be no penalty for students who exceed the stipulated time length however, the presentation will not be viewed/assessed beyond the 10 minute time length.

5.3 Students may also be penalised if their presentation contains evidence of plagiarism (refer to Academic Misconduct Policy).

6.0 Extension

6.1 Governance Institute of Australia recognises that there may be serious misadventure, accident, illness or extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control which are of such severity or gravity that they may impact adversely on the ability to complete a presentation within the published due date.

6.2 Under exceptional circumstances, extensions to the presentation due date may be granted to a maximum of 7 days from the published due date.

6.3 Students are required to submit a request for a presentation extension via email or letter with supporting documentary evidence at least five (5) business days before the published due date to the Education Manager. Extension of the assignment due date is at the sole discretion of the Education Manager.

6.4 If an extension date to the presentation submission is approved, students will be notified via email. Students with an approved extension date must submit the presentation via the online learning centre on or before the extension due date. No further extensions will be granted.

6.5 Please note that additional work commitments or insufficient time as a result of being enrolled in two or more subjects does not provide sufficient grounds to grant an extension.

7.0 Deferral

7.1 Eligible students who are unable to complete the assignment by the published due date may choose to defer the presentation to the next consecutive semester as long as they meet the requirements stipulated in the Subject completion policy.

7.2 Students will be required to complete a presentation question that will be available to download from the Online Learning centre at the start of the next consecutive semester.

Subject code table

Subject title Subject code
Applied Corporate Law ACL
Corporate Accountability: Meetings and Disclosure CAMD
Corporate Governance CG
Public Law and Government PLG
Public Sector Accountability and Transparency PSAT
Risk and Compliance RC 


Version Approved by Date
1.0  Executive Manager, Education  14 February 2019

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