Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management

We offer a Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management with an early exit option of a Graduate Certificate of Applied Corporate Governance and Risk Management.

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Graduate Certificate 

The graduate certificate is a foundational course for governance and risk professionals. Graduates can apply for affiliated membership of The Chartered Governance Institute and Governance Institute of Australia.

Graduate Diploma 

If you continue on to the graduate diploma, you have the choice of two pathways:

  1. a Qualifying Program for Chartered Secretary (QPCS)
  2. a Qualifying Program for Chartered Governance Professional (QPCGP). 

When you graduate, you can apply for full membership of The Chartered Governance Institute and Governance Institute of Australia and the entitlement to use the designation of Chartered Secretary or Chartered Governance Professional.

Learning outcomes

When you successfully complete the graduate certificate, you will be able to:

  • conceptualise knowledge of the theories and principles related to the legal regulation of governance and risk compliance, and appropriate strategic approaches
  • critically appraise and apply corporate governance principles, as well as best practices in risk management for the board of organisations
  • identify and critically evaluate sources of finance with their associated risks and returns
  • evaluate the impact of corporate conduct, behaviours and culture on risk and compliance management practices.

When you successfully complete the graduate diploma, you will additionally be able to:

  • exercise appropriate judgment to advise the board on the expectations of and compliance with regulatory legal requirements (chartered secretary)


  • critically apply methods for the development, enhancement and sustainment of robust risk culture, supported by enterprise risk management (chartered governance professional).

How long will it take me to complete postgraduate study?

You should complete our postgraduate courses within the following timeframe, based on studying one subject per semester, including periods of leave of absence:

  • Graduate Certificate: maximum 3 years
  • Graduate Diploma: maximum 4 years (from commencement of Graduate Certificate). 

View the Progression and Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy for full details. 

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If you are currently admitted to one of the teach out courses, please contact us at to discuss your course options. 

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