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Our short courses are taught by industry-leading practitioners and are half-day duration (3.5 hours of presentation). 

They are available as face-to-face tutorials or online and you can ‘mix and match’ your modes of study to suit you. Complete six short courses to complete a Certificate or simply top up your skills with a course that will help you excel in your role.

Certificate in Governance Practice Certificate in Governance
and Risk Management
Certificate in
Governance for Not-for-Profits
Governance Essentials Governance and Risk Management Governance Essentials
Duties of Officers and Directors  Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk Risk Management Essentials
  Meeting Compliance Requirements Not-for-Profit Financial Management
  Risk Management Frameworks
Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board
    Not-for-Profit Regulatory Compliance
Plus four elective courses Plus two elective courses Plus one elective course
Accidental Company Secretary®
Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk
Assessing Board Performance
Duties of Officers and Directors
Effective Minute Taking 
Financial Analysis for Officers and Directors
Governance and Risk Management
Governance Essentials*
Improving Organisational Performance 
Legal Framework of Governance
Meeting ASIC Requirements
Meeting ASX Listing Rules Requirements
Meeting Compliance Requirements
Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions
NDIS Governance Essentials
NDIS Risk Management Essentials
Not-for-Profit Financial Management
Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board
Not-for-Profit Regulatory Compliance
Operation AGM®
Practical On-the-Job Skills for Company Secretaries
Project Governance: Accountability and Risk Management
Risk Management Essentials 
Risk Management Frameworks
Security Risk

* Eligible as an elective for the Certificate in Governance and Risk Management only.

Note: Practical On-the-Job Skills for Company Secretaries is a one-day course and counts as two courses towards a Governance Institute Certificate.

Short course fees

The course fee for each half-day course (3.5 hours) is:

  • Members: $485
  • Subscribers: $565
  • Non-members: $595

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Whether you are doing your course via tutorial or via distance, you will receive comprehensive course materials in downloadable soft copy.

Note: In the face-to-face mode, hard copy materials will not be available on the day of the short course.

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