Not-For-Profit Financial Management

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Available face-to-face and as an online course

It is important for any director or committee member (including volunteers) to understand the nature of any NFP (not-for-profit) entity they become involved with, as the legal and other consequences, including financial reporting requirements, can differ depending on the legal framework involved as well as the size of the respective NFP entity. Potential personal liability for the debts of an entity if it trades while being insolvent (whether knowingly or otherwise) exists for directors regardless of whether the entity is a for-profit or an NFP entity.

This course aims to show how to analyse the performance of a company using its three financial statements.

The key objectives are to:

  • outline the legal frameworks NFP entities operate within
  • outline the accounting concepts and principles upon which the preparation of financial statements are based
  • recognise how accounting standards create some limitations in the preparation of financial statements
  • understand links between the financial statements
  • help you understand the context relevant to your own organisation.

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