Not-For-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board

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The duties of officers, directors and boards of not-for-profit (NFP) organisations are many and varied, depending on the entity type/legal structure, the jurisdiction (i.e. Commonwealth, state or territory) and the internal governance framework of the specific NFP organisation, as stipulated in its governing framework.

This course aims to discuss the role and responsibilities of NFP boards or management committees and to examine the legal duties of officers and directors of NFP organisations.

The key objectives are to:

  • outline the role of the governance framework in defining the ethics and culture of an organisation, as well as the duties and responsibilities of officers, directors and the board of NFP organisations
  • review the role and responsibilities of the board or management committee of NFP organisations
  • examine the common law, equity and statutory duties that apply to officers and directors of NFP organisations
  • appreciate the importance of the role and responsibilities of the board secretary in an NFP organisation
  • provide an insight into the statutory duties of NFP organisations in relation to membership, meetings and minutes
  • discuss topical issues affecting NFP boards such as the management of risk and conflicts of interests, strategic planning, and ethics and communication.

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