Assessment rules

Short courses

How do I take an online multiple-choice exam?

Each short course has an online multiple choice exam. For your short course to be credited toward a Certificate, you are required to pass the exam.

The exam is a 20-question online multiple choice exam which takes approximately one hour to complete. To access the exam, you will need your username and password which you created at your course registration. Follow these instructions:

  • From the Governance Institute homepage, go to Online Learning Centre.
  • Enter your user name (email address) and password.

The exam is included in your course fee. The exam is marked automatically online.

The pass mark is 70 per cent and the grades are pass or fail.

You have within the exam entitlement period to complete the exam.

Click here to read the assessment rules.

When can I start my exam?

You can start the exam on the following dates:

  • The date of the face-to-face class you have selected, if you are studying via tutorial mode. 
  • The day after you register in an online course.

When you register, please ensure you have the time available to study the materials and to complete the online exam within the exam entitlement period.

A fee of $85 will be applied to course extension requests.

Extensions will be granted only in exceptional circumstances and at Governance Institute’s discretion.

How many attempts do I have to complete the online exam?

Your course registration includes two attempts at the online exam for each course. 


Which of my courses are eligible for a Certificate?

For one of your courses to count towards a Certificate, it must be listed as one of the compulsory or elective courses for that Certificate and you must pass the online exam.

To graduate from a Governance Institute Certificate, you are required to complete and pass the online multiple choice exam for each of the six courses, within the same 12-month period. This 12-month period starts when you pass your first course exam. After you have passed the exams for each of the five additional courses within this time frame, you will automatically graduate from a Governance Institute Certificate.

A short course completed outside of the previous 12 months will not be counted as an eligible course for Certificate graduation or count as an exemption in another Certificate.

How do I graduate from a Certificate?

If you wish to have a course counted towards a Governance Institute Certificate, you must pass the online exam for that course. All participants seeking assessment, whether registered in the face-to-face or the online mode, will be asked to pass an online exam.

Graduation from the Certificates will occur on the successful completion of the compulsory and elective courses for the Certificate you are enrolled in. You will be awarded a graduation certificate and provided with a transcript listing the courses you have studied.

As a graduate, you will be entitled to use the relevant course postnominal as follows:

  • Certificate in Governance Practice — CertGovPrac
  • Certificate in Governance Practice and Risk Management — CertGovPrac&RiskMgt
  • Certificate in Governance for Nor-for-Profits — CertGovNFP

The relevant postnominal(s) may be used on your business cards, LinkedIn profile, email signature, personal signature, website and annual report.

How do I view my study progress?

To view your course and Certificates registrations and exam marks, go to Certificate Academic record from My Governance Institute.

Do I receive prior study recognition when I enrol in another Governance Institute Certificate?

Course exemptions are only available for the following compulsory courses:

  • Assessing, Analysing and Treating Risk
  • Governance Essentials

Notes: You must graduate from your first certificate before enrolment in the second certificate can be activated. At this point your exemptions will be applied to the second certificate enrolment. To utilise your two exemptions you must have passed the exam for each course within the previous 12 months. 

How do I transfer between Certificates?

At any point of your study you may transfer from one Certificate to another. The eligible courses you have previously completed will be transferred into the new Certificate, subject to the new Certificate requirements.

To transfer between Certificates, please contact Governance Institute on 1800 251 849 or at

If I have completed a CPA (or other external professional qualification) can I receive any exemptions for a Certificate?

Any prior external learning is not recognised in the completion of a Governance Institute Certificate.

Please download the PDF below to view the comprehensive training policies for the online exam and course eligibility for a certificate.

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