Become a strategic partner

We work with organisations that share our purpose, vision and values, are good corporate citizens, and have complimentary audiences and clients. 

Strategic Alliance Partner 

We can work with you on your offerings or you can promote our events and courses to your community. If you are promoting our events and courses, it will increase your brand reputation and association with good governance. You'll also receive exclusive discounts for your members/clients and/or revenue sharing on our products and services. 

Research and thought leadership purpose 

We can work with you on your thought leadership and research projects that are aligned to our purpose. 

As a guideline, we partner on only one partnered research/thought leadership per quarter. 

Member benefit provider

We can share discounts and special offers on high quality and relevant products and services to our 8,000+ members and subscribers. 

You will increase your brand and promotional reach and provide opportunities for our members to connect with you. 

As a member benefit provider, your unique offering will be highlighted via our website and emails. 

Member benefit providers need to provide a minimum investment of $15,000 per annum. Investments can include advertising, sponsorship or other products. 

We are open to different ways to partner so please reach out and speak to us about your ideas. 

Become a strategic partner 

For more information, contact Maryanne Brogan, National Partnerships Manager: email, or call 02 8227 5922 or send an enquiry. 

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