Supplier Directory: Board management technology

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Diligent logo

Jordan Sell
+61 400 242 765

Diligent helps the world’s leading organisations unleash the power of information and collaboration – securely – by equipping their boards and management teams to make better decisions.

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BoardPro logo Sean McDonald
+64 27 253 0601
Board management software for Small Enterprise to Small Caps and Nonprofits.
Effortlessly set agendas, create board packs, take minutes, send actions and store files securely, to keep you working on what matters.

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Sourabh Pandey
+61 422 429 255

Ansarada Board software is a secure board portal online for preparing and running board meetings. Collaborate securely and efficiently across the entire process from scheduling to digital signing of minutes. Maintain compliance, mitigate risk and drive efficiency so you can make decisions with confidence.

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Guy Gilead
+61 402 923 853

Nasdaq Governance solutions enhance the effectiveness of meetings, collaboration and decision-making for boards, committees and senior leadership through best-practice insights and cutting-edge technology.


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