Governance Institute’s National Conference kicks off Monday 1 December — and our opening presenter invites you to cap off the year by gazing into the future….

Our much anticipated National Conference kicks off on Monday 1 December as the year draws to a close. This year, Brisbane plays host city, and we have assembled a list of exciting speakers and presentations to challenge our thinking on governance and bring new perspectives to perennial issues.

Leading futurist and political scientist, Professor Sohail Inayatullah, delivers one of our stellar keynotes on Day One. Many of us wish we could have a crystal ball in our essential business toolkit. Well, Professor Inayatullah will share with us the kind of mindset that may help us do just that.

With humour, passion, panache and insight, he will open a window to give you a glimpse into what the future of business may hold as technological progress, global demographic shifts and deep economic and social changes transform the world as we currently know it. And arm you with the tools to help you prepare for it.

In the 1950s, US company Western Electric boasted that it had the tech know-how to ‘cross a TV set with a telephone’. Today Skype and FaceTime are part of our daily lives. And over the next decade, technology will further accelerate the pace and impact of change in ways we are only just beginning to grasp. Don’t miss this fascinating presentation.

There’s still time to register for the conference. All the details can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane next week!

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