Is your risk management framework ready for 2018?

Building tools on floorboards

Have you recently taken on risk management responsibilities? Or has the increasing focus on risk management — whether it be in regards to risk culture, risk appetite, cyber risk, or people risk — made you realise that you need to formalise your organisation’s risk management framework? If so, now’s the time to build your risk management toolkit. 

In your toolkit you’re going to need a documented risk management framework, a risk appetite statement, a risk register, key risk indicators and a risk reporting schedule. Then with all of these tools in place, you’ll need to establish a culture where risk is talked about, thought about and incorporated into decision making. Sound daunting?

Our first nationally delivered professional development workshop for 2018 aims to give you everything you need to start building your risk management toolkit. Built off the back of last year’s successful National Risk Management Forum in 2017, this workshop takes the topics explored in the forum to:

Building Your Risk Management Toolkit is the first learning experience to be rolled out in the Governance Institute’s new national professional development curriculum. This workshop is designed as an active learning experience where you and your fellow participants will be led through a series of practical activities by an experienced risk management practitioner. You’ll be challenged with examples and case studies from all sectors — enabling you to pinch the best ideas from other sectors and apply them in your organisation. To achieve this registrations for this event are limited.

The activities have all been designed to maximise the transfer of learning back to the workplace. At the end of the day you’ll have a list of actions that you can start implementing the next day. This design philosophy is core to the new national professional development curriculum — practical, focused on best practice and action-oriented. Whether it be a briefing or a workshop, you will leave with a list of actions you can implement immediately.

So what can you expect from the new national professional development curriculum? We’re designing a series of learning experiences, large and small, that interlink through core themes; from the big new ideas of National Conference, to the practical need-to-know of the Governance and Risk Management Forum, down to interactive workshops where you learn the skills needed to continuously move forward in your career.

It’s going to be a big year for professional development at Governance Institute, kicking off with the Building Your Risk Management Toolkit workshops. I hope you are able to attend and find it a valuable learning experience. I look forward to your feedback and seeing you at our events throughout the year.

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