How membership can enrich your career development in 2020

Lisa Scanes GIA (Affiliated) – Governance professional breaks down her career move into corporate governance and how her membership with the Governance Institute of Australia has supported her career development.

Tell us about your career journey

I have 12 years’ experience as an insurance professional in the workers’ compensation, general, health and life insurance industries. I have recently moved into corporate governance, and I am an aspiring company secretary.

Why did you make the shift into governance?

I have always been an organised person and a great planner with the ability to manage multiple things at any one time. With a natural talent, governance was the perfect vocation for me. It allows me to use the skills and knowledge developed in my 35 year working career. I saw the move into corporate governance as a development opportunity, following the Hayne Royal Commission.

Do you have any tips for people considering a career in governance?

Start with setting a career plan – something to aim for over the next 12 months. Research different courses, conferences or networking events – then go for it. Once you start to attend these events, you will develop a professional network, also find a mentor and a sponsor within your circle of influence.

What is the most important benefit of being a Governance Institute member?

Networking opportunities have been the most important benefit to me – being able to network with experienced professionals, GIA tutors as well as fellow students that share your passion. By being a member, you gain access to a professional community that can be used to share tips and ask 

for advice. Another main benefit is the ability to continue your education and professional development through the Governance Institute’s resources.   

Do you feel confident in your role?

I’m more confident in my role – mostly thanks to the valuable training, networking and workshops I’ve attended in the past 12 months with the Governance Institute. The skills I’ve gained have given me the confidence to now look for voluntary work as a company secretary, and I look forward to those opportunities in 2020.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome in your career?

Although it was a planned move into corporate governance, the past 12 months have offered the most significant and greatest challenge in my career. I embraced this exciting time in our industry. I developed and broadened my professional network, which has been particularly valuable. My advice to anyone looking to do the same is not to be afraid to connect with and seek advice from successful industry peers.

Name your top book of all time. How has it influenced you?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. I was gifted a copy by my current boss for a team book club. It has an instrumental change on how we thought and operated – it was a very valuable experience.

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