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  • FSR Bill - Insider Trading


    Hot on the heels of the release of the Companies and Securities Advisory Committee’s (CASAC) discussion paper on insider trading provisions, Australia’s peak body for corporate governance, Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) claims the draft FSR Bill provisions don’t
    go far enough.

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  • Corporate Australia not ready for Privacy Law


    Whilst an overwhelming 75 per cent of corporate Australia believes the Privacy Act should be extended to the private sector, 42 per cent don’t believe they have the systems in place to comply when the legislation comes into effect on 21 December a new survey has found.

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  • Corporate heavyweights want shareholder participation square-root formula rounded off


    Australia’s peak compliance body Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) has brought
    together a powerful coalition of corporate heavyweights to encourage the government to
    modify its proposed ‘square-root’ shareholder participation rules for public companies to
    allow for a ‘cap’ of 500 members and a ‘floor’ of 100.

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  • ASX does not need more supervision yet


    The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) does not need additional, unnecessary and unwarranted supervision, Australia’s peak body for corporate governance and compliance has told the Senate Inquiry into the framework for Australia’s stock exchanges.

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  • Second Board - Not Second Rate


    New economy companies need to establish a track record of complying with existing regulation if serious consideration is to be given to less onerous listing requirements, Australia’s peak body for corporate governance and compliance claimed today.


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  • New Economy fails Corporate Governance Test


    New economy financial reporting practices leave a lot to be desired if they are to regain shareholder confidence and market credibility, Australia’s peak bo dy for corporate governance and compliance claimed today.


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