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Year: 2013

  • Shareholders could be denied dividend payments


    Change the legislation so that the net assets solvency test applies only to the parent company and not subsidiaries in the group, Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) has urged the government in its submission on the Corporations Legislation Amendment (Remuneration and Other Measures) Bill 2012.

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  • CSA partners with ASF to offer scholarships to NFPs


    Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) has partnered with Australian Scholarships Foundation (ASF) and The Origin Foundation to offer up to 20 scholarships for CSA's Certificate in Governance for Not-For-Profits (NFPs) in 2013.

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  • Last call for postgraduate governance scholarships applications


    Keen to encourage as many people as possible to pursue postgraduate education in governance, Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) has made a final call for entries for CSA’s postgraduate governance scholarship awards which close next week.

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  • NFP governance standards need to be in plain English


    While Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) endorses the proposed not-for-profit (NFP) governance standards, Members of the peak governance body are concerned that the standards will be very confusing for those without a legal or governance background.

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  • Dark pools no place for smaller investors


    While dark pools serve a useful purpose for large trades that have the potential to disrupt the market, they are increasingly attracting average orders of $3,000 as they look more like exchanges, and smaller investors can be affected negatively if the business of matching genuine buyers and sellers takes places outside the lit market, claims Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA).

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