How to save face: Data and privacy safeguards

  • OAIC Commissioner reminds directors of Australian companies that they should ‘regularly and proactively assess their information handling practices’ to ensure compliance.
  • Human error was the cause of the largest number of eligible data breaches notified to the OAIC in early 2018.
  • As more and more examples of data loss and significant harm come to light, be ready for tighter regulatory obligations.

Smart phone displaying Facebook login screen

If your business has installed best cybersecurity protection and written a comprehensive privacy policy and data breach plan, which has been signed off by the legal team, you might believe privacy and data compliance is taken care of, but it’s not necessarily so.

As government enquiries in Britain and the United States continue to discover new information about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal, the issue of data and privacy is certain to face greater regulation.

To properly minimise the risk of an expensive and embarrassing data breach businesses need to embed appropriate safeguards for handling personal data throughout day-to-day operations.

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