Ethics: Why it starts at the top in business

  • Research shows that misconduct within the workplace can be avoided when staff are taught and practise how to respond to pressure to behave unethically.
  • Leaders can adopt strategies to address misconduct, encourage professionalism and avoid the brand damage that comes from poor corporate and employee behaviour.
  • This article provides five steps companies can undertake to instil misconduct resistance among staff.

Business man split between tick and cross

There has been a lot of talk about ethics around Australia recently. In this article the author looks at what ethics are and why establishing your firm’s ethical base starts at the top.

Ethics is a word which has received a lot of attention in Australia in the past couple of months as media coverage of our sporting stars and financial institutions equally have many asking: where have ethics gone?

A clue may be that as a society, we seem to accept the need for people to be trained in some things and not others. In the corporate world and the Public Sector, we send people to training so they can understand their leadership style or even their own personality.

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