How leaders can learn to do more with less

  • The need for speed in effective decision-making by leaders is growing.
  • Internal distractions are fully within a leaders ability to control.
  • This article provide five practical hacks to achieve more with less.

Businesswoman gesturing shoulder shrug

Many leaders are looking for fast-track strategies to allow them to do more with less. Gone are the days when a leader had plenty of time to sit back and contemplate endless scenarios or send tasks off to numerous departments and allow them to take weeks (or months) to provide a response.

Leaders are now playing a different game and some of them are still operating as if it is the 1990s. The traditional 10–15 year strategic plan is being replaced by short-horizon strategies, flexible operations that shift based on the changing competitive landscape and a constant battle to attract and keep top talent. To accomplish more leaders need to learn how to hack their current approach with new ways of thinking and influencing that will enable them to do more with less. Here are five ways to make this happen.

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