Eight key points to keep in mind when setting up a new entity in Australia

  • This article outlines the key matters which foreign companies need to consider when establishing a presence in Australia. 
  • Directors’ compliance program should be implemented to ensure that accounting and financial management compliance matters are adequately addressed. 
  • Foreign companies with subsidiaries in Australia need to understand the implications of immigration laws in Australia on their Australian business plans.

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The process of setting up an Australian subsidiary or a new entity in Australia can be stressful and confusing for many foreign investors. We have listed below eight key points to consider when establishing a new entity in Australia.

1. Company registration

Foreign companies may carry on business in Australia through an Australian branch (by registering the foreign company through the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)) or subsidiary (by registering a new company through ASIC). The procedure to register an Australian branch of a foreign company is slightly more onerous than setting up a new subsidiary company in Australia, and in practice most foreign companies elect to establish a new company in Australia as a subsidiary. This article focuses at a high level on the key considerations facing Australian subsidiaries of foreign companies.

The procedure for setting up a limited liability company, either a proprietary or non-listed public company, is straight forward, with the relevant forms required to be lodged with the ASIC.

Australian companies must have a registered office to receive ASIC correspondence and to liaise with ASIC. Also, there needs to be (at least) one director and a secretary who ordinarily resides in Australia (a secretary is mandatory for a public company and usual, but not compulsory, for a proprietary company).

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