President’s commentary: Spotlight on Tasmania

As a proud Tasmanian, I am absolutely thrilled that Governance Institute will be holding the Tasmanian Governance Forum in October, and everyone in Australia can participate

As a (rare these days) in-person attendance event in Hobart, we will be hosting exceptional speakers including the CEO of Coca-Cola Amatil, Alison Watkins; independent economist and Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Tasmania, Saul Eslake (you can read an interview with him in this month’s journal); and Tasmanian Police Commissioner Darren Hine, who has been the State Controller during the COVID-19 pandemic ― and many others.

We are excited to be bringing this impressive line-up to downtown Hobart, discussing the latest news, trends and issues facing governance and risk management. And for those who can’t be there in person, there will of course be virtual attendance options.

I am always eager to showcase this beautiful part of Australia, (see my regular Zoom background of the river and mountain in Hobart from my home office) which has thankfully stayed relatively isolated from the impacts of the health crisis plaguing so much of the world.

We, of course, have felt the anxiety and worry that so many are experiencing, regardless of where we live and this year I have seen heart-warming community local efforts that make me even-more proud to be a Tasmanian and I’m sure there are similar ‘local’ responses across your own communities.


While some sectors are undoubtedly heavily impacted, tourism and hospitality in particular, there are also some promising signs that the business world can continue to innovate and push through during these uncertain times ― perhaps with some real human and family benefits as well. I sat in a meeting today where two of the participants described how much more efficient and family friendly their lives were with reduced business travel and electronic meetings

So, whether you make it in-person, or virtually (from anywhere in Australia) we can’t wait to host you here in Tasmania.

Find out more about the Tasmanian Governance Forum here.

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