Why above-the-line leadership is critical to every workplace

  • A healthy psychological environment is critical for organisations to function well.
  • Advances in neuroscience and psychological research challenges leaders to bring a more informed approach to leadership and workplace environment that optimises human functioning.
  • If leaders neglect the psychological and interpersonal environment, it can easily slip below the line — behavioural standards drop below the line of what is healthy and helpful to optimal human functioning.

Humans need a positive and healthy environment to function well

In our increasingly complex, unpredictable and uncertain world, an organisation’s success is contingent on employees accessing their highest cognitive and psychological abilities. Strategic thinking, sound decision-making, seeing multiple perspectives, developing new skills all require access to our highest brain functioning, located in the executive parts of our brain.

Modern workplace demands require humans to function optimally, to think strategically, laterally and creatively, to make decisions with increasing complexity in the context of unpredictability and uncertainty.

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