Australia has a lion at the door: The circular economy

  • What does the circular economy add up to for Australia in this era of climate change, environmental/social/governance (ESG) investment and the increasing babble about the nuclear ‘solution’?
  • If Australia takes up the argument that nuclear power is an acceptable and quick solution for obtaining low emissions to combat climate change, the door will be opened to the lion prowling outside to see whom it can devour.
  • The circular economy is the agenda on the horizon.

The concept of the circular economy requires a profiteer, such as a manufacturer, to be ultimately responsible for the waste or end product in the life cycle of a manufactured good — spent lithium batteries for electric cars, for instance.

However, the next step will likely be that a country such as Australia, which has profited from the export of a natural resource, such as uranium, may become answerable for the disposal of the waste product, for instance, the spent nuclear fuel rods used by the countries which have imported our uranium.

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