Public sector governance

Governance Institute of Australia offers governance and risk management guidance developed specifically for the public sector, as well as access to other information on public sector governance.

Principles of governance for boards of public sector entities

The ‘board’ of a public sector entity is required to consider the myriad of accountabilities and level of transparency enshrined in the entity’s constituting legislation and the public sector framework within which it operates. The board must also consider the complexities associated with the entity’s potential collaboration or interaction with other government agencies and Minister(s) as well as the common and statutory laws of fiduciary duties directors are subject to.

There are varying practices and different governance models within which public sector entities already operate. These Principles do not detract from those governance principles already in place in various jurisdictions, or seek to reinvent the good work that they have undertaken. Rather, their focus is on harnessing and developing common governance principles to enable cohesiveness, consistency and efficiency focused on promoting community wellbeing and trust.

Download Governance principles for boards of public sector entities

Good Governance Guides — public sector

Governance Institute has prepared a series of Good Governance Guides in governance and risk management specific to the public sector. These Guides comprise practice that, in our view, constitutes good governance in a range of situations. View the public sector Good Governance Guides.

Public sector governance library

Governance Institute’s library on public sector issues has been created to access information on public sector governance and associated materials.

Access to such information not only enhances learning but is of value to governance professionals in the public sector in exercising their professional duties, responsibilities and obligations.

The library grows and evolves as new articles and information are issued.

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